March 21, 2017. By Eureka Blog Community.

Many people say alone time is for the anti social. Others might say, that spending a lot of time alone can be rather unhealthy for the mind. Well I agree to an extent. I’m not saying that it’s the best feeling being alone. 

Can you learn something new tho? YES! In Fact, I learned many new thing’s from just one solo trip to our local Library! For one, I learned that the city I grew up in, has been here for over 200 years! 

In addition, this biccentennial mall sculpture standing 20ft high fluted concrete shaft! Actually symbolizes the vertical thrust away from the earth into the unknown. Aka symbolizes the space craft “eagle” landing on the moon!

This Landmark Statue represents sculpted by John Edward Svenson. Commemorating the FIRST man to have ever landed on the moon. Dedicated to America’s Astronauts!! Also the great landmark know as “The Eagle Has Landed.”

The atmosphere of this historical place, driven as if it has a nothing but freedom to offer! Birds everywhere seem to be attracted to the landmark! Not just that, the life of these beautiful feathery beings, make you feel like you’ve stepped right into their very own community

As you can see, they get along quite well.. They don’t waste much time!

Then who can forget the Statues of the children in the water. Which ultimately gives that sense of UNITY & TOGETHERNESS as a community! Everyone you meet here is very friendly, and just enjoying their time to the fullest!!

Last but not least, my favorite part of this place is the stranded bench across the bridge!

Ahh! Now back to this beautiful pic. I took ALL these pictures myself on this blog, with my Samsung Galaxy Prevail LTE. Who knew my trip to the Library would be so fun and exciting! I couldn’t help but to admire this experience! It changed the way I feel about going out alone! Not only that, you tend to notice the smaller things in higher resolution! From a more primitive understanding/point of view! 

Well this was definitely something I’ll never forget. I am going to Blog more about thing’s to appreciate!So next time your friend’s would rather lay in than go be adventurous. Try going at it alone! I guarantee you will learn something new about yourself! Or maybe something you wouldn’t have noticed before when your with your friend’s! Whatever it is that it maybe. I CHALLENGE YOU to go alone! You only get so many years on this earth, before we got to start giving back! Take advantage of our short time here, and make the best out of every moment.

Until next timewarm regards..! –Richard Diaz

Tuesday, March 21st 2017 10:47 am.


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