If we didn’t think thing’s could get any worse!! We all know, life isn’t a happy fairy tale or movie. Especially with a happy farewell result. Well Straight To The Point Now!! Here it is!!

  • CAN THIS BE?? 

This doesn’t appear to be happening just to Sears and Macy’s. K Mart is going out of business too!! Future Stores Like TARGET! WALLMART, ALBERTSONS, STATER BROS, Excpected in the future days to come!! 

Due to this economic crash in the United States. This horrific collapse of American’s Best Known holiday choice store’s going out of business. Ultimately is a true Impact in the American Everyday Lifestyle! Once Again! Giving Technology that Total and complete edge and lead in the retail industry!! 

Shoppers around the world, are now relying on websites to carry them thru The Holidays!! Abc News Discussed how this will take effect in our role as shoppers. Leading into the best available upcoming site’s to obtain savings. This online store is said to have the hottest clothing for Teenager’s, Adults, Women and Men. Hollywood styles, latest fashion, newer trendier outfits. 

Introducing our Future JC Penny’s, Sears. Live Young Store is the newest trending Topic on Google! This Online store gives the same comfort of affordable fashion but luxury new school layout.

 Easy to shop got your typical shopping cart. Although, This store has just made a recent launch earlier this year!!

It is expected to be one of the SUCCESSFUL Idea’s of an online clothing store created for “THE MASS Friendly Appeal!”


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Just When You Think They Hate The Bad Ones..!! Harley Quinn is now becoming more and more popular by the minute!! (BY EUREKA BLOG)

By Eureka Blog. 2017. March 19nth

Girl’s everywhere are now way too overly obsessed with Harley! Well now, who can blame them. When Harley stands 5, 5 120 lbs and buns that will put Pillsbury Dough Boy out of business! 

Can’t argue with that Harley! YES you can have my house. In fact, there are so many Harleys? I don’t think I’d know who to give it to. Nevertheless, I love ALL the Harleys in the world!! So much! So much! So that’s why I shared this blog. I came across some very cool cosplay costumes! Even the official Property Of Joker  Jacket from the movie! Even Harleys Shirt Daddy’s Little Monster, unlike those cheapy material one’s I see. “No offense Harley.” This one is long lasting material and dirt cheap! With that said. In addition to my Harley Quinn craze phase! I’d really like to see some Harleys in this..


Now that’s more like it! Hope to see that One Official Harley soon. Until then I’ll be on THE HUNT!



By EurekaBlogCommunity

Thu, March 9. 6am